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4 tips to get kids to eat

If playing airplane every time it’s mealtime became routine, it’s time for you to start thinking about creative ways to feed your children.

Many parents get tired of their toddlers not eating. They complain with the pediatrician that no matter how hard they try, their child seals their mouths at lunchtime and does not open them for anything in the world. And they worry that their children are not getting the nutrients they need to grow healthy.

One niece of mine refused to eat any food that was not white. Another rejected the plate if the colors of the food were mixed or touched with each other.

A mom told me desperately that her child only eats if a Carlos Vives song is playing. So she decided to record a CD with that song repeated endlessly for her son to finish all his food. And although the whole dish is eaten, the rest of the family gets a little dizzy because they always have to eat with the same tune.

On this subject, Mark Northeast, a British dad, became world famous for turning conventional sandwiches into some of the most beloved and beloved movie and television characters among children. All in order to make dinner time stop being a daily struggle with your child and instead become a game.

Now his son eats sandwiches in the form of SpongeBob and Winnie the Pooh, and inadvertently eats vegetables and proteins in the form of Mr. Sponge’s tie or the eyes of Pooh Bear. You can see them at http://www.funkylunch.com.

If feeding your child has become increasingly difficult, you may not have the patience to create the British dad’s sandwiches, but I’m sure that if you can follow these tips to make eating something attractive for your children:

  1. Respect your child’s appetite or lack of appetite
    It’s easy: children eat only when they are hungry. So if you refuse to open your mouth at meal time, do not make him eat by force. I promise that when he is hungry he will tell you.
  2. Try to create a routine and maintain it
    Make sure that the meal time is the same every day. Avoid giving snacks, treats or snacks an hour before eating. This way you will be hungry and you will have no excuse not to touch the plate.
  3. Do not be discouraged when you refuse any new food
    It is normal for children to reject new flavors. He may taste it and spit it out and so on several times. Be patient, taste is something that also develops and it is necessary that the child is exposed several times to that new flavor to find the charm. A good trick is to talk about the color of food, shape and texture and not focus on whether you know rich or not.
  4. Make food fun
    For example cut vegetables in different shapes, mix colors, serve in fun dishes, mix vegetables with dips or showy sauces It’s all good! Put your creativity to work and invite your children to participate in the preparation of their meals.

But the main thing is that you do not despair. This is a common stage among children. Soon they will reach adolescence and you will be wondering where everything that you just brought from the supermarket disappeared. I wish you luck and patience during the journey.

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